About Reverse Withdrawal Bonus

Casino Bonus Forums Most bonuses offered by online casinos casinobonusforums.com are designed to attract new players or to keep current players around. The difference and the controversy with the reverse withdrawal bonus are that it works to discourage players from leaving or withdrawing their fairly won money.

How it Works

The reverse withdrawal bonus is offered to a player who is attempting to withdraw the money he or she has won during the course of playing at a given casino. Before the winnings can be withdrawn, the casino bonuses presents an option for the player. If the player agrees to reverse the withdrawal and deposit the money back into the casino account and continue playing, then the casino will give the player a bit of bonus cash that can be used only at that casino.

Why the Controversy

This practice is considered controversial because it attempts to deter a player from extracting money he or she may have won. Critics say that a player should have complete and unfettered access to their own money, and that includes any winnings. While it is true that many shady casinos online gambling will attempt to prevent a player from withdrawing money or may put up an unnecessary number of barriers to withdrawals, the reverse withdrawal bonus is merely an incentive to keep the player's money where it is.

Players are in no way required to accept the reverse withdrawal bonus and can proceed to extract their winnings from their Free online casino account. The option merely exists to encourage players to keep playing and spend that money on more entertainment and games.